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About Us

Fitness Labs® has been making high-quality nutritional supplements for over 18 years. Our original focus on science-backed sports nutrition products has expanded to include over 180 products designed to boost your health and fitness levels. 


Our Mission

Our mission is to make high-quality products using premium ingredients, to provide full ingredient potency through the expiration date, to make products as natural as possible, and to make products more affordable by eliminating multiple layers of distribution. 


Premium Quality, Science-Backed Ingredients


We are dedicated to using premium ingredients whenever possible.

For example, we feature German Creatine (Creapure® brand). Creapure® makes high-quality creatine without unwanted byproducts that other creatines may have. 

Our whey protein concentrate and isolate come from United States dairies where they are specially filtered (not ion-exchange, acid or heat treated) so that valuable whey fractions are retained. 

Our L-glutamine is not synthetic. It's made in the United States through a more expensive vegan fermentation process from sugar, not from animal-origin materials. 

BCAAFit® 5000 uses a premium grade of vegan branched-chain amino acids. It's instantized with non-GMO sunflower lecithin, instead of soy. 

In the diet category, Fat Erase® contains patented LipoSan Ultra® brand chitosan, the ingredient used in clinical studies. Carb Erase® contains Phase 2 Carb Controller® white kidney bean extract that has research-backed studies supporting weight loss.* 

Diet StackTM and Thermo Rip® both contain Sinetrol® fruit extracts, which showed clinical effectiveness for weight loss.*

Tonalin® CLA is another diet ingredient with research to show it helps reduce body fat.*

We focus on the science behind the ingredients we use so you can take your fitness levels to new heights.

Full Potency Guaranteed

We guarantee that the ingredients listed on a product label are in the bottle, or we'll give you your money back. 

For instance, to account for a normal loss of vitamin C potency during the 2-year shelf life of our multi-vitamins, we'll include up to 35% overage during manufacturing so that our multi-vitamins meet our full label claim at the expiration date.


Did you know that a protein food can legally have as low as 80% of the protein claimed on the label since protein is a naturally-occurring nutrient? We formulate our protein powders to meet 100% of the protein claim, while other econo-brands may target a lower level. Rest assured, you'll get exactly what you expect from Fitness Labs products, and maybe a little more.


As Natural As Possible

When we formed Fitness Labs® in 1998, we were frustrated with the selection of many sports nutrition products that had artificial sweeteners like aspartame and various artificial FD&C colors. We wanted consumers to have the opportunity to select more natural products, yet still boost their fitness levels.


As a result, we do not use synthetic colors or aspartame in our protein powders. We also offer you a choice of naturally flavored and stevia sweetened versions (that are typically less sweet and more lightly flavored). For those who want an unflavored, unsweetened protein, we offer several proteins with nothing added.


Examples of us avoiding synthetic colors are our CreaFit® Creatine Transport and Pre-Workout Intensifier. Unlike others on the market, we use beet powder for the red punch color (not synthetic FD&C Red dye).


When available and when it makes economic sense, we use organic ingredients, like those in our Flax Seed Oil and Coconut Oil.


Our multi-vitamins use the more expensive, natural d-alpha form of vitamin E, which is better utilized by the body than synthetic vitamin E. 

Our EggFit® egg white protein uses natural flavors and is lightly sweetened only with stevia leaf extract, not artificial sweeteners or sugar.


Many manufacturers load their meal replacement protein powders with dairy creamer to give it a creamy mouthfeel. They don't call it dairy creamer on the label, but you can tell by reading the ingredient listing and finding words like mono- and diglycerides, corn syrup solids and/or hydrogenated oil. We don't think dairy creamers should be in protein powders so we don't use any. Instead, our R&D staff takes extra time to combine flavors and fibers to mimic the creamy taste of creamers so you get none of the bad stuff, but still get a great-tasting product. Our NutraFit® meal replacement is a great alternative to higher fat, creamer-laden shakes.


The owners had six pre-teen and teenaged boys between them when they started the company, so they wanted a weight gainer that contained natural flavors and no artificial sweeteners. Gainer 500® fills this gap in the marketplace where products are dominated with artificially-laden products.

More Affordable Products

Many supplements are expensive, not because of their ingredients, but because distributors, brokers and retailers all need to take their cut. We bypass these multiple layers of distribution by having one main direct-to-consumer company, Nutrition Express, who carries all our products at deeply discounted prices.


Other companies may also have large ad budgets to pay high-priced athletes or celebrities. We'd rather put our money into making better products. Our focus remains on product development, manufacturing and quality control to make the best products possible. Give us a try and join the ranks of those who have discovered our brand and are taking charge of their fitness!

How to Contact Us


If you have product-specific questions, contact us at 800-544-1925.


Or write us at:
Fitness Labs
2575 West 237th St
Torrance, CA 90505


To place an order, visit NutritionExpress.com or call 800-544-1925 

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Sunday: 9 AM - 6 PM EST (6 AM - 3 PM PST)

For inquiries related to China, email siqian@fitnesslabs.com

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