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Take your health and fitness to the next level

About Us

Fitness Labs is Lindberg Nutrition’s proprietary sports nutrition brand. The primary mission behind this brand is to drive innovation in the market by creating fitness supplements better suited for the modern athlete and their active lifestyle. This means a more conscientious approach to sports nutrition with wholesome ingredients and a commitment to Non-GMO. Our deep assortment of products is primed to compete on every trend in the industry, meeting all aspects of fitness such as pre-workout, recovery, muscle building, and weight support. Fuel up with fan favorites like WheyFit, AminoBoost, or Fitness Multis and join one of many professional athletes and trainers who choose Fitness Labs to get fit.

How to Contact Us


If you have product-specific questions, contact us at 800-544-1925.


To place an order, visit or call 800-544-1925 

For inquiries related to China, email


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