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plays a vital role in

post-workout recovery*

Stay healthy with L-Glutamine*

It's no mystery to most long distance runners that within 1 week after race day you're likely to get sick. In fact, a recent study showed only 49% of those taking a placebo stayed healthy, while 81% of those taking glutamine stayed healthy.*

Why? Researchers are discovering that strenuous exercise can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system. While most of the body's cells use glucose for fuel, the immune system requires significant amounts of glutamine. This amino acid is important for the proliferation of lymphocytes and for several key functions of the macrophages. When you take glutamine, you provide your body with the fuel it needs to stay healthy. This may allow you to train more frequently without as many of those frustrating down periods.*

L-Glutamine for those under stress

Trauma, burns, prolonged exercise and other stressors can deplete your body's glutamine stores. The more stress you're under, like that of a marathoner, the quicker you can deplete your glutamine supply.

Also, during calorie restriction your body might not synthesize glutamine as quickly as you need it. Consequently, researchers speculate that your body will use glutamine to fuel the brain and other body systems first. If any is left over, it will then be used to build muscle and maintain a strong immune system. That's where supplemental glutamine may help keep your tank topped off.  

L-Glutamine is important for athletes, bodybuilders, runners and more 

Gut health benefits of


The human gut has two major divisions of beneficial bacteria called Firmicutes and Bacteriodetes. A few studies have uncovered a link between the ratio of these two divisions and body weight. Lower levels of Firmicutes are typically found in healthier, leaner people, while higher levels of Firmicutes are typically found in overweight individuals.

In a pilot study, 33 individuals with excess weight took 30 grams of L-glutamine or a placebo each day for two weeks. At the end of the study, the Firmicutes-to-Bacteriodetes ratio had decreased in the glutamine group by 33%, and it increased in the placebo group by 23%. (Figure 2)*

The researchers said the favorable changes to gut flora in the L-glutamine group were similar to those found in people on a weight loss program.  Although L-glutamine may not cause weight loss, it may support overall gut health benefits.*

This pure (nothing added), fermented L-Glutamine is made without animal-sourced material!  

It's the best you can buy! Nothing else is added. It meets or exceeds standards set forth by the USP (the United States Pharmacopeia). It is vegan and contains no wheat, gluten, dairy or soy.

This tasteless powder is easy to mix. Ideal for bodybuilders to add to creatine. Perfect for endurance athletes to mix with a carbohydrate drink before or after hard training or on race day. 

Directions for use: 

Stir 1 level scoop (5 grams) of powder into 4-6 oz. of water or juice. Our L-Glutamine is a mild tasting white powder that mixes easily into liquids. Scoop enclosed.   

Overall health: 

Take 2 grams 1-2 times daily or as directed by a health professional.

Weight training:

Take 2-5 grams of L-glutamine 1-2 hours before workouts and another 2-5 grams after workouts.


Endurance athletes:

Take 5 grams of L-glutamine right after strenuous exercise.


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