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High Protein Meal Replacement

Fuel for a fit body


NUTRAFit® it's a great-tasting meal-in-a-glass

Keep hunger at bay and get the energy you need

NutraFit is a protein-packed shake mix designed to help you build muscle and stay lean. It fuels lean muscle, provides energy and keeps you going strong.


Get the protein, carbs, fiber, vitamins and minerals you need in a delicious, high-performance meal-on-the-go.

Why NutraFit® is different – no dairy creamer – disclosed protein ratios 


We’re slightly different than other brands of meal replacements since we don’t use dairy creamer. That means we don’t add ingredients like mono- and di-glycerides – things you don’t need in a shake. In our 24 vitamin and mineral mix, we don’t add copper and iron, which you don’t want too much of. 


We also include 6 grams of dietary fiber with prebiotic qualities. And our carb levels are lower compared to some brands. 


We even disclose the approximate amounts of whey and milk isolate proteins so you’re informed of exactly what you’re getting. There’s no hiding behind blends of cheaper proteins.

40 grams of protein — extended release

Fast-release proteins help build muscle and slow-release proteins help spare muscle, keeping your body fueled for hours.


Muscle-building whey proteins emphasized

About 30 grams of the protein in NutraFit are from fast-digesting whey protein concentrate and isolate. A special ultrafiltration process retains valuable whey fractions such as glycomacropeptides and immunoglobulins.

Muscle-sparing milk protein lasts for hours

About 10 grams of the remaining protein in NutraFit are from slower-digesting milk protein isolate—consisting of about 80% casein protein and 20% whey protein. It provides a sustained flow of amino acids that can last for hours.

The slower-digesting portion of our milk protein isolate is native casein protein. Other brands use caseinate, which is manufactured by adding acid to warm skim milk. The result is acid casein. To make it palatable the acid casein is then reacted with sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide or another alkali to create sodium caseinate, calcium caseinate, or another caseinate. This processing damages the proteins. We do everything possible to avoid all caseinates because they are more highly processed than the native casein that occurs naturally in milk protein isolate. That's why we use premium-grade milk protein isolate because it provides casein in a more native, undamaged and undenatured state.

Carbohydrates provide fuel for energy   


NutraFit provides low and medium glycemic index complex carbohydrates (17-19 grams) to help replenish body fuel stores and keep your energy levels up. Since 5 grams of the carbs are fiber, the net carb amount is 11-13 grams. These carbs help fuel energy so your body doesn’t have to break down protein to fuel energy.

5 grams of dietary fiber    


Added soluble fiber with prebiotic qualities contributes to your daily fiber intake. It has half the calories of other typical carbohydrates like sugar.

Includes 24 vitamins and minerals – approximately 28% Daily Value   


We include the vitamins, minerals and about 360 mg of naturally-occurring calcium from the milk-derived proteins in each serving – that’s almost one-third your daily needs!

No aspartame – no synthetic colors – gluten free   


We don’t sweeten NutraFit with aspartame. And for the truly natural crowd, our Natural Vanilla is sweetened only with a high-grade stevia, which is slightly less sweet than our other flavors. We never use synthetic colors. For example, instead of synthetic FD&C colors, our strawberry flavor uses red beet powder. NutraFit is also gluten free.

Ideal for a quick breakfast, between meals, post-workout   


NutraFit is a versatile shake that you can drink daily. Many use it at breakfast when they're rushed to get out the door to work or school. Or, try it at lunch, dinner or between meals. With approximately 75% of the protein coming from whey, it’s also popular to consume immediately after workouts. Or use NutraFit as a base shake mix -- then add fruit, greens, flax oil or other popular ingredients.

Mixes instantly -- includes handy measuring scoop   


We include a specific scoop size so that each scoop will dish out 20 grams of protein (a half serving = 125 calories). Two scoops provide 40 grams of protein (a full serving = 250 calories). Since many people like to control their serving size, it’s easy to measure out just what you need.


Here’s what people are saying about NutraFit®


The creamy vanilla is one of the best tasting shakes I've tasted. I can't wait to try the other flavors.”  

– David P., Goodlettsville, TN


"I have taken many other meal replacements throughout the years and NutraFit is the best yet. This product actually tastes great just mixing with water. I use just one scoop in the morning for breakfast, and it keeps me full until lunch! High protein and a low price - you can't find a better product out there.       

– Heather P., Richmond, VA


“My family’s health is important to me. We wanted to get more nutrition into our diet so we shopped around for a good meal replacement. NutraFit was the perfect choice for us. It tastes great, is packed with the nutrition we need and saves us money. We’re 100% satisfied and staying with NutraFit!”  

– Brian J., Harbor City, CA 



Add 2 level scoops of powder to 16 ounces (2 cups) of cold water, milk or juice. Stir or blend until smooth. Take 1 serving daily either in place of a meal, between meals or before or after workouts.



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