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Choose from two whey formulas

Both are identical except for the type of whey they contain

Protein source: 100% Whey protein blend of whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey peptides.

• Creamier consistency

• Lowest price per gram of protein

• 99.5% lactose free (about 1.5g)

• 1-2g fat

Protein source: 100% Whey protein isolate.

• Thinner consistency – it’s fat free

• Higher percentage of protein

• 99.9% lactose free (about 0.2g)

• Fat free (except chocolate – 0.5g)

WheyFit® Protein

WheyFit® Isolate

Compare to see which protein is right for you


WheyFit® protein is ideal for fitness, strength and nutrition programs*

Whey ranks as the best quality protein 

WheyFit is made with highly rated, superior quality whey protein to help you boost your nutrition, fitness and strength levels.*


Build muscle and strength*

Unlike slow-release proteins such as casein or beef, WheyFit is made with fast-release, muscle-building, 100% whey protein. Whey has been shown to enhance protein synthesis up to 68%. It works right away to support muscle growth and repair without the heavy or full feeling associated with fat-laden protein foods.*

Athletes love WheyFit® – low in carbs

Athletes and bodybuilders in a leaning-down phase use WheyFit. It’s low in carbs and has 0-2g fat, giving you total control over these nutrients.


BCAAs protect muscles* – over 5 grams

Whey is full of special amino acids that help protect against muscle breakdown. They’re vital to those who exercise or are trying to get lean.* In each serving you get over 5 grams of naturally-occurring BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids).


Recover with glutamine* – about 4 grams

During prolonged exercise, your body uses glutamine for recovery and to help keep your immune system strong.* Each serving has about 4 grams of naturally-occurring glutamine and glutamine precursors.


Support your immune system*

We don’t use acid-treated or ion-exchange whey, but instead use a special ultrafiltration process that retains valuable whey fractions. These retained fractions are believed to be responsible for many of whey’s immune-supporting benefits. They include immunoglobulins, glycomacropeptides and a precursor to the body’s powerful antioxidant, glutathione.*

WheyFit® is free of added sugars, is gluten free and instant mixing

No added sugars or aspartame

WheyFit is free of added sugars and aspartame (not a low calorie food). Our ‘Natural Vanilla’ and ‘Natural Chocolate’ flavors are only sweetened with stevia leaf extract and are about one-third as sweet as the other flavors. Other flavors are sweetened with sucralose and/or acesulfame potassium, but never aspartame.

Gluten free, egg free, no synthetic colors

If you have food sensitivities, no worries! Our WheyFit formulas are gluten free and egg free. They’re also free of synthetic colors. For example, our strawberry flavor has a slight pink color from beet root and strawberry flakes.

Delicious, rich flavor

Our motto is, “Make it taste delicious!” That’s why we use only premium-grade flavors to achieve a superior taste. For example, you get several grams of real cocoa in each serving of our chocolate flavors. You’ll love our vanilla all by itself, or try adding fruit like bananas or berries.

Instant mixing—scoop enclosed


Our whey is instantized so you can stir it right in with just a spoon. And a handy measuring scoop is included.


Our whey is from the USA  

To maintain our high quality standards, all our whey is from the United States, not imported. And every container we’ve ever made has been blended and packaged in the USA too.


Try WheyFit® Protein or WheyFit® Isolate


We offer two whey formulas.

Protein Formula: The ‘Protein’ formula is our best seller and lowest price per gram of protein. It’s a blend of three forms of whey protein (concentrate, isolate and peptides). The primary ingredient is whey concentrate, which is about 76-80% protein and provides a creamy consistency.


Isolate Formula: Our higher protein ‘Isolate’ formula is made only with whey isolate, which is about 86-90% protein. It is slightly more expensive as isolates must undergo more filtering steps, but you'll also get more protein and more servings per container. It’s perfect for those who are extra lactose sensitive (it’s 99.9% lactose free) or those who want a slightly lower carb formula. It also has a thinner consistency because it is fat free.


If you’re looking for a high quality whey protein at an excellent price, then give WheyFit a try!


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For adults, add approximately one (1) scoop (30 g) of powder to 8 ounces (1 cup) of water, milk, or juice. Stir or blend until smooth. Approximately one scoop (1 serving) provides 25 grams of protein. It’s amazingly versatile — add to shakes, smoothies, cereal, baked goods, muffins, pancakes or yogurt to boost protein content.


When to use

Take 1 serving daily either at breakfast, between meals, before a workout, after a workout or before bed.


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